We Can’t Get More Until We’re Grateful for the Little

This episode is perfect for a week before Thanksgiving. We can’t get more until we’re grateful for the little things. Powerful statement for living a life well lived. Roberta Axson became pregnant at 14 and was born to a teen mom. Yet when asked, she says she is thankful for it all. Listen as she shares her powerful story of fortitude and forgiveness. From teen mom to now the “2021-22 Coca-Cola Teacher of the Year”. When she raised her hand and said, “I’m Thankful,” – I knew she had a testimony that would encourage us all. Roberta has a special touch of engaging, encouraging, and empowering you all simultaneously. In addition, she has a smile that lights up a room. Roberta founded TeenMoms2Beyond. TeenMoms2Beyond inspires, nurtures, and heals teen moms and children of teen moms. It’s a community focused on breaking generational patterns, personal development, professional development, and purpose as a priority.

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