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Welcome to My Journey!

Many years ago, I was an inexperienced, emotionally fragile girl looking for my identity and purpose in life. I had to learn early to eliminate all the excuses and press forward.

Along my journey, there were many obstacles, but God winks, and God whispers provided me with the navigation of hope and strength.

What is Your Journey?

Being a teen mom isn't easy but you are not alone. When things get overwhelming as you try to finish school, care for your child and still have a life at your young age, know that those who have gone before you are willing to reach back and pull you forward. If you are ready to learn and grow, you'll find that there is life beyond being a teen mom. Let's connect!

Start Where You Are!

Every day, meet yourself where you are. My stories and tips might not be for where you are, but you can adapt them to your own journey. What challenges you today? Let's face those challenges together as a team.

Discover My Story

My Story

Roberta Axson is an educator, family advocate, transformational speaker, and Teen Moms 2 Beyond founder. She values relationships and commitment to lifestyles improvement through self-care, time management, money management, and personal and professional development. She brings a unique perspective gained from her experience as a former teen mom and her career in healthcare and education. Roberta provides mentoring and coaching opportunities for former teen moms in the private Facebook group Teen Moms 2 Beyond so they can gain confidence using their skills, talents, and voices to be successful for generations to come. She is committed to creating accountability and community in a safe space as these young women transition in their life journeys. If you or someone you know are ready to change the outcome of choices. Let’s Connect!

Our Vision & Mission

To transform lives ONE family at a time. 

Our Mission

We will accomplish our vision as we engage community partners, educate generations and empower families to build legacies beyond motherhood.

The Five Pillars of Teen Moms 2 Beyond


Personal Development

Time Management

Money Management

Professional Development

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